A New Level of Elegance

Our Patented Technology

The Feeling’s Flame® electric candles not only produce the exact same color as a real candle flame, but also imitates the natural movement of one as well. The flame has an occasional movement identical to the natural movement of a real candle flame. The size, shape, color and movement of the electric candle replicates a real wax burning candle.

The Authentic Candle Look

Each candle is delivered with a standard white plastic sleeve that stimulates the look of the candle stem. We have also designed and manufactured several types of candle sleeves to compliment our Feeling’s Flame® electric candle. These types of candle sleeves come in a thin wax-coated candle sleeve, a handmade ‘Ultimate Beeswax’ heavy dipped candle sleeve, a silicon candle sleeve and several shapes and sizes of beeswax heavy dripped candle shells. All of our candle sleeves and candle shells, come in several colors and sizes to fit any desired atmosphere. These candle sleeves are produced to deliver the final touch to the authentic candle look.

Where to Find Feeling’s Flame® Electric Candles: