How much light do the LED Feeling’s Flame® and Incandescent Feeling’s Flame's® emit?

The Feeling’s Flame® bulbs emit the equivalent of 1 candle flame each. The Feeling’s Flame® bulbs provide ambient lighting only. We recommend that there be another source for of lighting in the room if required.

Is the LED Feeling’s Flame® UL, CE and RoHS certified?

Yes. The 110v and 220v LED Feeling’s Flame® bulbs are UL, CE and RoHS certified for both the United Stated and European markets.

Can the Feeling's Flame® be used on a fixture with a dimmer switch?

Yes. You may use the bulb on a fixture which is operated by a dimmer switch. You will not harm the bulb or the fixture although at lower settings the bulb may not function as it was designed. 

How do the Feeling’s Flame® bulbs move? Is it the wind?

No. The Bulbs are programmed to move electronically and do not require any other external source to produce movement. The Feeling’s Flame® patented technology controls the movement internally.

Are Feeling’s Flame® bulbs battery operated?

No. The Feeling’s Flame® bulbs are chandelier bulb replacements for standard candelabra sockets. They are for electrified fixtures (110V E12-United States, 230V E14 –European)

What is the usage difference between the LED and Incandescent versions of the Feeling’s Flame® bulb?

The LED Feeling’s Flame bulb is rated for 10,000 hours of use versus the incandescent 2,000 hours of use. The LED is recommended for applications in which the bulb will be “ON” for more than 8 hours per day.

What is the visual difference between the LED and Incandescent versions of the Feeling’s Flame® bulb?

Visually the bulbs are similar in color and movement however the way that light is emitted differs. An incandescent bulb naturally has a “hot “spot which helps to mimic the illusion of a real flame. An LED does not have a “hot” spot as the LED (Light Emitting Diode) does not produce heat and therefore emits a flatter light. 

Do I need a special socket on my light fixture?

No, the Feeling’s Flame® bulbs are for use with standard chandelier sockets - E12 candelabra based for 110V and E14 candelabra based for 220V