About Us

Company Background

The Wm. B. Coleman Co., Inc., parent company to The Electric Candle Company is a privately held company headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana. As one of the oldest companies in New Orleans, we are proud to be owned and operated by the same family for over a century. We continue to grow our existing portfolio companies in addition to cultivate new relationships each year in order to be successful.The Electric Candle Company manufactures and distributes a patented electric candle called the Feeling’s Flame® candle. The Electric Candle Company also manufactures and distributes a host of accessories to complement the Feeling’s Flame® candle. One of these accessories in our product line is our ‘Ultimate Beeswax’ candle sleeve, which illustrates the authentic candle experience. Through years of research and development, we have created electric candles that are indistinguishable from real wax burning candles that were once seen in chandeliers, sconces, lanterns and other lighting fixtures. Our electric candles will enhance and elevate the ambiance of any room or space like no other light is able to provide.

A New Level of Elegance with Feeling’s Flame® Electric Candles

We have released a new Feeling’s Flame® electric candle through our patented technology which includes the (LED) electric candle bulb. These are able to be use in most chandeliers, sconces, lanterns and other lighting fixtures; by using sophisticated technology to radiate a sense of warm, authentic candlelight. Our Feeling’s Flame® electric candle is the only product on the market and around the world to provide the color and feeling of a true wax burning candle. Real wax burning candles are elegant, but also messy and potentially dangerous. The Feeling’s Flame® electric candles provide the exact sensation of a real wax burning candle with a simple flip of a switch! The soft gentle glow of our electric candles, provide the perfect ambiance, which elevates the understated elegance in each room or space that the electric candles are displayed in. Through our patented technology, Feeling’s Flame® electric candles not only produce the exact same color as a real candle flame, but also imitates the natural movement of one. The flame has an occasional movement identical to the natural movement of a real candle flame. The size, shape, color and movement of the electric candle replicates a real wax burning candle.Feeling’s Flame® electric candles are safe, authentic, economical and easy to install. You will never go back to wax burning candles or halogen lighting once you enjoy how easy it is to have a burning flame at the flip of a switch. The bulbs use less than three (3) watts of electricity and will fit easily into most chandeliers, sconces, or other fixtures without adjustments. It installs the same as any light bulb and screws into any socket. We have also designed and manufactured several types of candle sleeves to compliment our Feeling’s Flame® electric candle Bulb. The candle sleeves come in a thin wax-coated candle sleeve, a ‘Ultimate Beeswax’ heavy dipped candle sleeve, a silicone candle sleeve and a variety of Resin candles shells. All of our candle sleeves and candle shells, come in several colors and sizes to fit any desired atmosphere. These candle sleeves are produced to deliver the final touch to an authentic candle look.