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The Feeling's Flame® LED Electric Candle

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The Feeling's Flame® LED Electric Candle is a candelabra-sized bulb suitable for all 120V or 230V fixtures. Our patented technology physically moves the 1.5 watt bulb every 7-11 seconds to mimic the flame movement of a burning candle. The Electric Candle replaces traditional existing light fixture to create safe and realistic candlelight at the flip of a switch. These LED Electric Candles are suitable for residential and commercial use.

  • Available in 120v E12(United States) and 230v E14(European)
  • Total Length 5 1/2"
  • Socket length 2 3/4"
  • Light Output is approximately 3 lumen or 1 candle
  • Expected life approximately 20,000 + hours (No Max continuous use)