Parrocchia de San Lorenzo, Italy

Restoration Parrochia de San Lorenzo

Sketches behind altar are believed to be portions of the altar given away over the years by generous parish priests.

18th Century Alter Restoration of Parrochia de San Lorenzo - Italy  
Restoration of an 18th Century Altar by Parish Priest, Don Marcello of Parrochio de San Lorenzo, reveals interesting tales steeped in Italian generosity and humor.

For centuries this altar was mounted over the main altar of the church during Easter week and then afterwards removed for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, the altar is believed to have once been much larger; drawings behind the altar may represent it's original size and style. Evidently parish priests, over the years, had the habit of giving pieces of it away... Angels or other decorative parts. Don Marcello, the current parish priest, discovered the remaining pieces in the cellar, rotting away. The altar is late 18th century. The restoration was sponsored by the local bank under the supervision of the fine arts department. The incandescent Feeling's Flame? Electric Candle bulb is installed in the alter candelabras.

Don Marcello tells a funny story: about forty years ago, when the altar was still being used, some workmen were setting it up for Easter. The priest walked in just as they were having lunch, and caught one workman holding out a bottle of wine towards the altar and saying in a loud voice "Jesus, You who transformed water into wine, could You please transform this lousy wine into a better one?"

Parrocchia de San Lorenzo -evening

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Parrocchia de San Lorenzo -Cropped/Enlarged