Muriel's Jackson Square - New Orleans, LA

At Muriel's Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana, atmosphere is everything...... along with fantastic wine and authentic contemporary creole food. 


Among plush draperies, fine antiques and exposed brick walls, crystal chandeliers with Feeling's Flame® Electric Candle Bulbs create the perfect candlelit experience. 


Visit New Orleans and make a reservation. 


The Electric Candle Company is the manufacturer and distributor of the Electric Candle Bulb, the LED Feeling's Flame® Electric Candle bulb and a complete line of chandelier sleeves fabricated in wax, resin and silicone. A patented technology creates "shimmering flame-like" movement. Both incandescent and LED bulbs are available in 110V or 220V.  The Bulb replaces existing bulbs in a fixture to create safe-realistic candle light. Energy output is 1.5 watts.
                "The Feeling's Flame® bulb is the most beautiful electric candle light in the world. Adaptable to almost any environment from the grandest of castles in Europe to use in the hospitality industry.   Bulb Life est. 20,000+ hrs."