How to Install The Electric Candle

1. Be Careful During Installation
Feeling's Flame electric candles are very durable once installed into your lighting fixture; however, the "flame" of the candle mechanism must be protected prior to installation. Please take care that the "flame" is not twisted or stressed in any way when removing the candles from the packaging or during installation . 

2. Removing The Candles From The Packaging

Once removed, you will have three parts: 

 The sleeve used to simulate the wax candle. The standard candle sleeve is made of plastic and can be trimmed to the proper length with a utility knife.
2. The Feeling's Flame electric candle mechanism. This is the part that actually screws into the socket of your existing light fixture.
3. Protective packaging material. This part is used to keep the electric candle from moving during shipment and may be discarded.
3. Adjusting The Length Of The Light Fixture Sockets
For each light socket in your fixture, remove both the light bulb and the candle sleeve (if there is one). 
The electrical socket will be in view and will look similar to the picture on the right. All sockets can be raised and lowered, however 
the method by which your socket is adjusted, depends on the socket's manufacturer and how it was installed. You will need to study 
the socket to see how it was designed for adjustment. (the socket in the picture is very common and has two screws that can be 
loosened to allow the metal sides to slide up and down).
Your goal is to adjust the height of the socket so that when the Feeling's Flame bulb is inserted into the socket and the candle sleeve 
is in place, the bottom of the "flame" is approximately 10 millimeters from the top of the candle sleeve.
Once socket adjustments have been made, the candle sleeve can be easily trimmed with a utility knife to the exact height you desire.

4. Inserting Feeling's Flame Electric Candles Into Socket
Install A Feeling's Flame bulb into each socket by holding only the plastic base when twisting. 


Once the candle mechanism is in place, carefully place the candle sleeve over the top of the "flame" and slide down to cover the entire 
socket, again taking care not to bend or twist the flame. 
After installation, your Feeling's Flame electric candle should look similar to the picture to the right.
Be sure to visit our catalog to see all of the accessories available for your Feeling's Flame electric candle.