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David Barton Gym

New York City

Founded in 1992 as a boutique gym in the basement of a Chelsea Apartment complex, David Barton Gyms now has locations in New York, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Since the beginning David Barton has created a fitness culture all his own. "We call this Victorian Punk ... It's like some punk rockers took over an old East Village church and made it cool." says David Barton of the decor he has created in his gyms. "... I want you forget the outside world while you are here. ... with one objective; to get your heart racing before you ever step onto the treadmill." Transforming the way people consider their fitness, he is taking the often mundane gym scene and creating an experience for all of the senses. Photographed above is a wall of Feeling's Flame® Electric Candles as installed at the David Barton's Gym in Astor Place.